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  Iraq crisis timetable
Updated 10 March 2003, 14.58
Troops in Iraq
Events surrounding the crisis over Iraq are moving fast.

So we have gathered together all the info there is about what could happen and when.

Friday 7 March:

  • Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix tells the UN Security Council that Iraq is getting rid of some weapons but is failing to offer "immediate" co-operation while disarming itself.

Monday 10 March

  • Russia is the first member state of the UN to say it will vote against the resolution, which has been put forward by the US and the UK.

  • This comes as all of the UN Security Council members prepare to vote on whether there should be a second resolution on Iraq or not.

  • A vote is expected before the end of the week.

  • Fifteen countries will vote on going to war and a majority of nine votes is all that's needed for military action to happen.

  • Iraq may give UN inspectors a report on what chemical and biological weapons they say they destroyed in the 1990s.

Wednesday 12 March

  • Germany's leader, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder meets UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for talks on Iraq.
Thursday 13 March

  • Bombing of Iraqi targets from the air could start, if the UN votes on a second resolution.

  • Even if a second resolution is not voted for, the US and UK say they are ready to go ahead with strikes anyway.
Monday 17 March
  • A ground invasion of Iraq could start.

Tuesday 18 March

  • Light from the full moon which is due on this day could cause trouble for air attacks.
The moon's phases in March and April
The moon's phases in March and April

Tuesday 1 April

  • Start of summer in Iraq.

  • Desert temperatures will rise a lot meaning dry and dusty which would make conditions very hard for the troops.

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