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  My dad was taken by the Iraqi army
Updated 04 March 2003, 18.35
Nasser and Miriam
Many children in Kuwait lost members of their families when they were put in prisoner of war camps in Iraq after the Gulf War.

Some of these people have never been freed and their families don't know whether they are dead or alive.

Newsround spoke to two children whose relatives are still missing.


Nasser is 12 years old. He has never met his dad because he was taken away by the Iraqi Army for taking photographs.

"My father was taken when I was not born - his favourite thing was taking pictures - he'd see a pond in Quatar and he take a picture.

'Jailed for his country'

If I see my dad I am going to give him a big hug and a kiss - but there is no chance of that, well maybe a chance now.

People tell me that he liked to take pictures and that he was a strong man. He just liked his country, Kuwait, and he went to jail for his country.

'He'd be proud'

If my father saw me now he would be proud because I am his child and I am going to look for him.

If God wants I will see him and there is no-one that can say I won't see him."


Miriam is 14 years old. She and her whole family were taken prisoner and most of them were released.

But her 15-year-old brother Khled wasn't set free, and they haven't heard from him since.

'They took him away'

"I don't remember my brother. I was told that he was taken away. I think my mum and sister saw him being taken away.

They came asking for my brother - they were going to ask him a few questions they took him and then after a few days they came and took the rest of us away too.

'I don't know him'

Miriam's brother has been missing for 12 years
Miriam's brother has been missing for 12 years

I don't feel that I have an older brother. He knows me but I don't know him - I don't know his ways or his character.

If my brother comes back it will be the best day of my life and it is a dream of mine that he comes back. It would be a dream come true."

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