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  US and UK: Iraq's missed 'final opportunity'
Updated 24 February 2003, 21.38
UN Security Council
The US and the UK have said Iraq has not taken its "final opportunity" to get rid of weapons of mass destruction peacefully.

They said this in a document they have written with Spain, which they presented to the United Nations (UN) Security Council on Monday.

It claims Iraq has broken UN Resolution 1441 about weapons.

The US and UK want the Council to discuss whether this new document should be made into a second UN resolution - or decision - about whether to go to war with Iraq.

Fact File
What happens next?
24 Feb onwards: US-UK new resolution due
28 Feb or soon after: Blix's written report to Security Council
1 Mar: Missile destruction must start
Around 7 Mar: Inspectors' oral report to Security Council
10 Mar: US-UK will force UN vote on resolution

It reminds the Council of a warning in Resolution 1441 which said there would be "serious consequences" if Iraq didn't disarm or co-operate with inspectors.

The UK's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw reckons the Council will take two weeks to talk about the document.

Then they'll vote on whether it should be made into a new resolution.

Fact File
Who's for and against war in the UN?
For military action: US, UK, Spain and Bulgaria
Against: France, Russia, China, Germany and Syria
Not sure: Angola, Cameroon, Chile, Guinea, Mexico and Pakistan
Each country has a vote
To make a new resolution, nine votes and no 'no' votes are needed


But the French - who don't want to use force against Iraq - say a new resolution is not needed and they should give weapons inspectors more time instead.

Germany and Russia are not keen on it either.

The weapons inspectors have given Iraq a deadline of 1 March to get rid of missiles.

Iraqi officials said on Monday, they would decide "quite soon" whether they will get rid of them or not.

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