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  US reveals evidence of Iraqi weapons
Updated 11 February 2003, 08.46
US Secretary of State Colin Powell
The US Secretary of State Colin Powell has shown the United Nations (UN) evidence that Iraq has not been getting rid of its weapons of mass destruction.

Fact File
Key dates
14 Feb - further report from weapons inspectors
27 Mar - Chief weapons inspector Hans Blix submits new report to UN

He also said Iraq has hidden things from the UN weapons inspectors.

In a meeting of the UN's Security Council, Powell showed satellite photos and said the US had evidence from taped phone calls.

He played two recordings of what he said were conversations between Iraqi officials.

Satellite photographs show evidence against Iraq says Powell
Satellite photographs

One man is heard telling a another to clear out "forbidden material", and destroy the message afterwards.

But an Iraqi advisor, Amer al-Saadi, has said Powell's speech was a "typical American show complete with special effects".

Powell said the evidence proves Iraq is breaking UN's rules on weapons.

He said the US also has proof that:

  • Iraq has biological weapon factories on wheels that can be moved easily
  • Saddam Hussein was trying to get materials needed to make nuclear bombs
  • Iraqi scientists were threatened and told not to talk to the inspectors
  • Iraq had lorries which were moving missiles at almost 30 sites - he had photos of these.
  • Iraq is hiding senior members of Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.
He told the UN that Iraq also has programmes to make missiles which can fly more than 1,200 kilometres.

Powell warned the UN they had to act now to stop Saddam Hussein - and not leave it for months or years.

Hear story!Hear story!

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