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  Sunny wants to be a huge Bollywood star
Updated 22 January 2003, 10.34
Sunny wants to be a huge Bollywood star
Sunny, 12, is a huge Bollywood fan. He has posters of Bollywood stars all over his bedroom walls.

Becky went to meet him.

Becky: How long have you been into Bollywood?
Sunny: Ever since I was a little kid. I started at Honey's - a dance academy - when I was seven and I've been there ever since. We dance, act, sing.

B: What made you start?
S: I've been into Bollywood since I was a kid. It's my life. After school I do dancing, singing, Indian plays and practise on my guitar.

B: Where do you see yourself going?
S: I want to be the number one actor and I think I'm heading the right way.

B: What do friends think of you?
S: They think it's funny

Bollywood is changing

B: Do you take it seriously?
S: I do - I want to become a superstar

Parminder Nagra as Jess in Bend It Like Beckham
B: This year Bollywood crossed over into the mainstream didn't it?
S: There's been musicals and cross over films like Bend It Like Beckham and The Guru - slowly it's become a big hit.

The films have become more westernised. Before it was very traditional - they've mixed East and West and that's why it's crossed over. If it carries on this way it should carry on being successful.

B: Bollywood films are very similar aren't they?
S: Well that's changing. Lagaan was all about cricket and Mohabatten didn't have any violence in it. If they keep going that way it should do well.

B: You have to dance and sing to be in Bollywood films. But most Hollywood actors don't that - so is it uncool?
S: S Club etc all dance and sing, so what's the difference?

B: What makes a good Bollywood film?
S: Good actors, good music and good storylines. The film KKKG had the best actors in it. Everyone knows the songs too - that's why it was a super hit.

'Tom Cruise couldn't cut it'

B: Do you think Bollywood is better than Hollywood?
S: I think they're equal. My friends talk about both so I think they're similar.

Bollywood should stick to it

Sunny has been acting since he was seven
B: Do you think Hollywood stars should be like Bollywood stars?
S: I don't think they should be someone else. I don't think Tom Cruise could cut it. I think there's room for both film worlds - maybe even more!

B: What do you think about Bollywood films ripping off Hollywood?
S: I don't think they should do it. They should be proud of what they do - they make super hits so why copy? In America they have more modern technology and special effects. Bollywood doesn't need this and they do well without it. It should stick to its own style.

B: Who are your favourite actors and why? S: It's always been Amitabh Bhachan. Since I was a kid I've watched all his films. I love them. He's a legend. I love the way he acts - he's angry, he's funny, he's serious. I don't think he suits the villain role. Out of the female stars, I like Karishma Kapoor - she's great.

'I think I can make it big'

B: Is it important to be good looking as an actor?
S: Yes. They have to have good figures and look smart.

B: Bollywood stars are very glamorous. Is it important?
S: Yes. They get dressed up to stand out as an actor.

B: Do you think people watch actors in films and dream that they could be like them?
S: In school I see loads of people with folders with actors on them. I dream that one day I'll be the pictures on those folders.

I've done over 200 or 300 stage shows and I've done my own private functions - like weddings and parties. I've done pop videos too. I've worked at exhibitions. I've got quite a few trophies too. I want to be on the big screen too.

I want to be like my favourite actor - Amitabh Bhachan. I want to be rich and I want to make it. It depends on how good you are to see if you can last and do more films and be popular with fans.

B: Have you got what it takes?
S: I've got a lot of experience and I've been with a great dance academy and I think I can make it big one day.

B: You just missed out on a big role didn't you?
S: I went through the audition and I met the director. They were giving me all kinds of instructions. In the end they couldn't take me cos I was too short to play against the role.

B: How did you feel?
S: I felt sad but my family told me that there's going to be another offer around the corner.


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