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  US not happy with Iraq report
Updated 11 February 2003, 08.51
Military action in Iraq is looking more likely
A war against Iraq seems a step closer after US government said it was in "material breach" of the UN security resolution on weapons of mass destruction.

The use of the words "material breach" can be used by the US as a reason to start attacking the country, but they don't intend to start soon.

The US said what they did after the man in charge of looking for weapons in Iraq, Hans Blix, said an Iraqi report didn't have enough information in it.

Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix
Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix
The inspectors were last allowed in Iraq in 1998, and when they left a number of questions were left unanswered about the weapons they had - and the report doesn't address these problems.

Already the US and the UK governments have said they don't think the 12,000 page report has enough details about any weapons of mass destruction that Iraq might own.

Iraq wrote the report after the UN passed an important ruling that said they had to get rid of all their weapons or face military action.

The UK and the US seem very keen on military action against Iraq, but lots of people think they are reacting too quickly, and need to wait for the end of the weapons inspections before they start moving in troops.

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