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  Kids say "no" to war
Updated 07 September 2002, 18.18

By Sharron Gibson
CBBC Newsround Online

"No to war" seems to be the word on the street for users of CBBC Newsround Online.

We've been inundated with comments telling us that war is not the answer to the world's problems.

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The UK and US leaders are deep in talks deciding what to do over Iraq and both countries seem to favour military action.

But many countries disagree and feel that it can only make the situation worse.

'Why did they bother creating the UN?'

And you seem to agree with that too.

Kayla 12, says: "I don't think we should ever go to war. Ever! Why did they even bother creating the UN? Wasn't it made to keep peace between the countries?!?!"

A good point.

While Andrew 9, from Belfast says "I think that it is not a good idea to go to war without allies. I know we've got America on our side but that's not enough."

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
In times of war or disagreement, people or nations form "allies" that they can depend upon for support.

Britain, Russia and US were allies during the Second World War.

But this time Russia (and China) don't agree with going to war over Iraq.

"Saddam is not prepared to negotiate"

They think that we need to find another way to sort out this problem.

But some think war is the only answer.

Saddam Hussein has made it perfectly clear he's not prepared to negotiate, he's got or probably soon will have nuclear weapons that threaten the entire world. America shouldn't have to go this alone," says Marie, 15, from Durham.

But Lisa 13, from Manchester seems to have a solution.

What is the use of fighting? Only talking is the answer. We are taught that at the age of eight not to fight but to talk out problems, yet our very own prime minister does just that.

She even suggests that we send these comments to Tony Blair so he knows what kids think.

What do you think?   Click here to send us your comments

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