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  What they said
Updated 16 March 2002, 19.42
"What's it like, apart from wet?"

Thomas, 10, Hove

Disneyland's better than any theme park I've been to before and the Studios are rather good. I really want to go on the Studio Tour next.

Emma, 8, Hove

The best bit of the Studios is getting the autographs and stuff from the characters. I had my photo taken with Mickey Mouse and kissed one of the Chipmunks on the nose. I'm most looking forward to going on the carpet ride.

Thomas, 8, Holland

The Rock 'N Roller Coaster was really good but I'm now really shaking!

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Jack, 9, UK

(Roller Coaster) It was quite good, it wasn't really scary. I want to go on the Tram Tour next.

Matthew, 12, Devon

I'm really looking forward to the rides, like the Tram Tour. I don't really know what to expect though.

Kym, 12, Devon

I want to go on the Rock 'N Roller Coaster. The Studios are good so far. It's got lots of statues in it and the characters are good.

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Katie, 9, Bognor Regis

The Studios are really good. I haven't been on much yet. I've been on the carpet ride, it was just like the Dumbo ride in the other park, but I want to go on the Tour too and the roller coaster.

Sophie, 10, Bishop Stoke

It's quite good here. The rides are interesting, the way they're all different. It's nicely set out too.

Ben, 10, Bristol

It's really, really good here. The umbrellas are really really realistic, there's this umbrella that actually rains on you! I'm going to go on that roller coaster in a minute, but I'm quite interested to see that animation bit as well.

Holly, 10, Basildon

It's brilliant! We just went on the Rock 'n Roller Coaster and it was really fast - it was really good. I think that's going to be my favourite. I want to go to Armageddon too.

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