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  Looking back: Matthew's week in Pakistan
Updated 29 October 2001, 14.35
Matthew reporting from Pakistan
Newsround's Matthew Price was in Pakistan to talk to people affected by the bombing of Afghanistan.

In his last web report, he reflects on the week and talks about the difficulties he and the team faced while filming.

You can hear Matthew's report by clicking on the headphone link above.

"I've heard many sad stories this week - about children forced to flee, others living on next to nothing.

A muslim boy at a rally
A muslim boy at a rally
Others still who've lost a mother, a fathe,r or a brother or a sister.

Being here has made me realise the full tragedy of what's going on.

My job's an interesting one. So too has been this week. It's been hard work. The camera today packed up in the middle of nowhere.

Sit and wait

Desperate to get out of the heat, for food and water, we simply had to sit and wait while it was fixed.

Earlier we almost failed to get a report on Newsround because the satellite we used to send it wasn't connected properly.

Map of the area
Map of the area Matthew's been reporting in
We've had heated discussions - we disagree over what words to use in a report or what pictures to edit in.

It's been tiring: long days with little sleep.

But our problems are incomparable to those of the people we've met.

Unlike the girl I met today, I simply report on the story. I don't have to live through it."

Hear Matthew on the weekHear Matthew on the week
Watch Matthew Price's reportWatch Matthew Price's report

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