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  The MiP files: Play the Speaker game!
Updated 11 March 2003, 11.04

Each week, we unlock some of the secrets of the most powerful place in Britain - Parliament.

Our Man in Parliament has all the latest info every Tuesday!

You can also ask him questions or get him to ID your MP. Go to the bottom of the page for how.

I've just got some news about one of the most important people in the House of Commons - the Speaker.

He's being featured in a brand new game on the official parliament website.

And you know what?

Current Speaker - Michael Martin
Current Speaker - Michael Martin
Though he's called the Speaker, he doesn't really speak!

He's there to keep politicians in line.

He ticks them off for talking too long, going off the subject or just being plain boring.

Almost the only thing you'll hear them say is "Order, order", when MPs are getting too noisy!

You get all sorts of facts and figures at Westminster.

Get this for instance: I've just found out there are more than 8,000 people in the UK aged 100 or over!!

What do Tony Blair and J Lo have in common?

Well, they're both pretty good singers - though I reckon Jenny from the Block is better than Tony from Number Ten.

But another similarity is they've both appeared on MTV.

Tony Blair was on last week, facing young people's questions on the war in Iraq.

One of my mates in Westminster was asking the people at MTV how it went.

"Do you reckon you'll be able to cope with such an important guest?" he asked.

"Of course we will," said the MTV person. "After all, we had J Lo on last week y'know!!!!"

"I find it offensive to see people with dodgy videos at car boot sales.... I want to crack down on them!"

- MP Richard Allan, worried about the illegal copying of films and CDs

Each week our MiP will give you the chance to have your MP identified.

Just send us your name and postcode using the boxes at the bottom and he'll do the rest.

This week, Lucy, 10, from Ashford gets her MP identified.

Damian Green
Where are you from?
Originally from South Wales.
Conservative spokesman on schools
School nickname:
I had no nickname at school (it's impossible to shorten 'Damian'!).

Greatest achievement:
Protecting the environment around Ashford from over-development - a battle which never ends
My late mother
Last movie I saw:
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Football team:
MP I admire:
Labour MP Kate Hoey
Were you interested in politics as a child?
I was interested in politics from about 12 or 13.
Job before becoming an MP: I was a journalist.
Why does politics matter?
Politics matters because decisions taken by politicians change the daily lives of everyone in the country.
What one thing would you change tomorrow?
I would stop bullying in schools.
Lucy also asks: Do you think teachers are paid enough?Some teachers are not paid enough, especially in areas where living is more expensive.

Got a question for our Man in Parliament?

Want to know who your MP is?

Send stuff to him using this form!

Your first name

Your age

Your town

Your postcode

Any comments or questions for our MiP

Send us your details if you'd like us to hunt out your MP! We'll put a new one up each week.

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