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  MiP file: The Queen comes into town
Updated 13 November 2002, 15.17

What really goes on inside Parliament?

We've recruited our own man on the inside - our Man in Parliament - to get the top info and secret goss.

He'll be filing his MiP report exclusively for CBBC Newsround each week. Here's his first one.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a chance to find out who your MP is!

An MP wants everyone in Europe to speak one language. Peter Viggers, from Gosport in Hampshire, says we should all speak "Eural".

He reckons it'd cut down on the costs of translating languages. He also admits the idea is "fanciful".

That's one word for it.

Tony Blair was looking a little bit nervous on Wednesday morning.

You can't blame him really - it's one of the biggest days of the year in parliament.

The Queen paid a visit - complete with crown, golden carriage and all that stuff - to run through Tony Blair's plans for the next year.

He wants new laws on everything from graffiti to international crime, and from saving water to pub opening hours.

And schools are top of the agenda - with a crackdown on bunking off.

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But not everyone is going to like what they've heard, so it's going to be a busy year in parliament.

But that's what it's there for.

On Wednesday morning, the cellars of the House of Parliament were searched as part of a tradition going back to the days of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot.

Guy Fawkes
It was on 5 November 1605 that Fawkes and others had planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament while the King was there.

That's the reason we have bonfires and fireworks on 5 November.

And to this day the cellars are still searched before the Queen's Speech to MPs.

Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary on Saddam Hussein:
"We work on the basis that this man is a liar and a cheat."

It's a bit nippy for a dip in the sea right now - but it was revealed on Tuesday that when you do fancy a swim, you've got a better chance of finding clean water.

Out of 407 bathing areas in England, 401 have now past the test as fit for swimming. It's the best result for years.

Just make sure you don't end up in one of the six where swimming isn't such a great idea.

Each week our MiP will give you the chance to have your MP identified.

Just send us your name and postcode using the boxes at the bottom and he'll do the rest.

This week, Susanna, 12, from Montgomeryshire gets her MP identified.

Lembit Opik
Where are you from?
I was born in Bangor, Northern Ireland, but my parents are Estonian (in north-east Europe, which is why I have got a funny name)
Liberal Democrats
School nickname:
Lembit Opik
Greatest achievement:
Potentially saving the world from an asteroid impact by getting the government to take the danger seriously.
During World War II, my mum and dad had to leave Estonia to escape from the Russians, who would have killed them if they had stayed. I guess that made me angry enough to try and make the world safer so that it wouldn't happen to other people.
Last movie I saw:
Football team:
Leicester City
MP I admire:
Paddy Ashdown (well, he was an MP, now he's a Lord)
Were you interested in politics as a child?
Why does politics matter?
Politics will make a difference to your life whether you realise it or not. That's why it's important to vote.
What one thing would you change tomorrow?
I'd like a few less rules and a bit more freedom.


Use this form to send your details so we can track down your MP.

Also, if you've got any questions or comments you want our MiP to answer, you can use these boxes!

Your first name

Your age

Your town

Your postcode

Any comments or questions for our MiP

Send us your details if you'd like us to hunt out your MP! We'll put a new one up each week.

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