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  Ghost hunting under London
Updated 29 October 2004, 10.50
The Cabinet War Rooms were home to war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill
By Philip 'ghost hunter' Westerman
CBBC Newsround at the Cabinet War Rooms

It's coming up for Halloween, but standing in the bright autumn sun in bustling central London isn't exactly spooky.

But that all changes if you go underground to check out the Cabinet War Rooms - one of the most unusual and spooky locations in the country.

The War Rooms are in a basement in Westminster, near the Houses of Parliament.

A corridor in the Cabinet War Rooms
The corridors are full of echoes and odd noises
Built to protect Britain's top politicians during the Second World War, they were opened to the public as a museum in 1984.

But in the sealed glass cabinets, some very odd things have been going on, and no-one knows how to explain them.

The echoing, dark corridors were once home to wartime prime minister Winston Churchill, and to mark his time there, a waxwork of him sits in the phone room which connected Britain to America.

It looks pretty gruesome without any spooky tales, holding a cigar like the man did himself.

But workers in the museum keep finding the dummy's hand in different positions, like it's been trying to shake ash from the un-lit cigar.

The room is sealed behind glass, so no-one can get in to fiddle with the fake PM without being found out.

Supervisor Ian Dobbs
Ian Dobbs had a scary encounter!
Loads of staff say they've felt cold and freaked-out while working there, and lots of them have a spooky tale or two.

Supervisor Ian Dobbs was working with one other person at 2:30am.

Suddenly, they heard a door slamming in the locked museum.

They ran downstairs, but all they found was a pair of rather large military style boot prints in the freshly waxed floor - and no doubt a chill in the air too.

Creepy clock

On top of that, every three years, one of the clocks sets itself to the wrong time.

This clock keeps resetting itself - with no power!
So what, you may ask.

But, all the clocks in the museum are set to 4:58, the time cabinet was first held there on 15 October 1940.

They don't have any workings or power, and the ceiling is too thick for any vibrations from the street above to have any effect.

So are these unexplained happenings ghostly goings on, or a tricksy member of staff having a laugh?

Check out our picture gallery below to make your own mind up...

Hear storyHear story

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