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  World record for riding the waves
Updated 14 June 2004, 16.14
Branson in his amphibious car with a brolly out to stop sea spray!
Richard Branson has splashed into the record books by crossing the English channel in a car, James-Bond style!

Branson set to sea in an Aquada - a car that can drive on land and also speed through water at the flick of a switch.

He made the trip in under two hours, blowing the previous holders' record out of the water.

It was all plain-sailing but when he arrived in France, Branson was soaked. He said: "A few big waves engulfed us but it was quite refreshing."

Businessman Branson is an old-hand at adventuring.

Fact File
Clever Car: The Aquada
The Aquada is the world's first 'amphibious car' - a car that can run on land and water
It can reach 100 miles per hour on land
On water top speed is 30 miles per hour
It costs 150,000 to buy!

He holds world records for some of his hair-raising hot-air balloon trips and has set speed boat records as well.

On Monday he added the record for 'crossing the channel in an amphibious vehicle' to his honours.

The previous record holders were two Frenchmen who did the journey in a much less whizzy vehicle in the 1960s. It took them over six hours.

Branson driving across the sea
Branson joked with reporters: "We had to take something back off the French," after Sunday's Euro 2004 match when the French team beat England in injury time.

The millionaire is thinking about using the car in London. He said: "If there is a traffic jam it can whisk straight onto the Thames."

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