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  Millions log on to JK's website
Updated 20 May 2004, 18.41
JK's new website looks just like her desk
JK Rowling's new official website has been a huge success with fans, getting more than 17.5m hits in its first week.

The number of hits is even more impressive considering that the site didn't have a big official launch, with fans spreading the word instead.

JK Rowling says she's delighted that so many fans have discovered the site.

JK told Newsround Online: "If there is ever a quiet spell on the website, it's because I'm writing so hard, so either way the fans win!"

She says the purpose of the site - which launched on Friday 14 May - is to give something to the fans to enjoy and be able to access definitive information.

And that's something they all seem to want, as by comparison popular fansites like The Leaky Cauldron get between 3 and 4 million hits a week.

Find out random facts about Hermione
Find out random facts about Hermione
She also said there should be some updates to the site within a couple of weeks.

The site has been in development for some time. According to JK: "I told the designers that I wanted to use my real desk as the home page, with Portkeys to take people to the various sections, and we worked out all the details together.

"So I was very involved! The designers actually took a picture of my real desk to work from and the result is very accurate."

Potter fans always have lots of questions about the book. So JK had a very difficult task deciding what to answer.

She said: "I've chosen a few questions that I knew people really wanted answered, but which didn't get asked in the last Webchat I did for World Book Day.

"And I've also thrown in a few bits and pieces from my notebooks." She adds "There's more to come!"

But the big question for many fans is when will we find out what's behind the mysterious door.

JK's reply: "I told you on the site patience is the key."

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