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  JK is 'halfway through Potter 6'
Updated 15 August 2004, 10.30
JK gets ready to meet her fans at the signing
By Lizo Mzimba in Edinburgh

JK Rowling gave fans some tantalising titbits about the future Potter books at her reading at the Edinburgh Children's Book Festival on Sunday.

She said she was well into writing book six. She said she was "just over halfway through it". She added it was her favourite book so far.

"Of course I am the only one who has read it and I think it's rather good."

Two key questions

Happy Potter fans got their book fives signed
She did not give much away about book six, which will be called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but she said a lot of questions will be answered in it.

She also revealed there were two key questions about the whole plot that she had never been asked.

The first is Why didn't Voldemort die when he tried to kill Harry? JK said that in the end of book four, Voldemort had said he had taken various steps against dying, but we should be wondering exactly what he did.

Dumbledore knows more!

The second question is Why didn't Dumbledore try to kill Voldemort in that scene at the end of book five?

Excited fans inside the reading
Dumbledore gave a kind of reason to Voldemort but it's not the real answer, and that Dumbledore knows something more.

JK said if we are wondering about the overall plot, we should be concentrating on those two questions.


She also tantalisingly answered a question about Aunt Petunia. When asked, JK said no, Petunia is not a squib, as she is muggle-born, but...... and left the sentence hanging.

She said we will find out a bit more about her in the other books and that there's more to Petunia than meets the eye!

She also revealed some more general snippets of information, including:

  • Aberforth Dumbledore is the barman in the Hog's Head
  • Dumbledore's patronus is a phoenix
  • Grawp will be more controllable in the sixth book
  • We will see a bit more of Rita Skeeter
  • There will be a new character called McLagan
  • Harry does NOT have a godmother

The full transcript of the Q&A session will be available on JK's official website soon.

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