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  Holly and Jessica's parents speak
Updated 17 December 2003, 16.38
The parents of Holly and Jessica speak
Holly Wells' mum and dad, Kevin and Nicola, and the parents of Jessica - Leslie and Sharon - spoke to journalists after the trial of Ian Huntley finished.

Mr Wells said: "We have many people to thank from our community, our friends and family, extended and close. They have all been there for us over the last 16 months."

"Equally, we would also like to extend a thank you to Cambridgeshire Police. They have some amazing family police liaison officers who have made this particular journey a bit more bearable."

They then answered a number of questions from journalists. Below are some of their answers.

How did you feel when the verdicts were announced.

Mr Wells said: "A great sense of relief. There was certainly no sense of euphoria."

How do you feel, knowing that despite the conviction you still don't know exactly what happened to your daughters?

Mr Chapman said: "There's only one man who can answer that question and whether he has the guts to answer the question publicly is down to him."

What do you think of Ian Huntley's past dealings with the police?

Mr Chapman said: "I think it was a time bomb just ready to go off and both our girls were in the wrong place and at the wrong time. There is nothing to say any more about him. I hope that the next time I will have to see him will be like we saw our daughters, and it will be in a coffin."

Do you have any ideas about a memorial for the girls?

Mrs Wells said: "We haven't talked about that yet but I am sure at some stage we will."

Are you angry that more wasn't done to stop Huntley getting a job around children?

Mr Chapman said: "You are always wiser after the event. Procedures are going to be put in place from this inquiry, so who knows?"

Mrs Chapman added: "He did not have a conviction."

What are you planning to do next?

Mr Wells said: "We are going to take a short holiday break, gathering our thoughts."

How did you manage to stay so strong during the case?

Mrs Chapman said: "I don't know."

Mr Wells said: "We had no alternative. It was getting through every day - we did not have a lot of choice in the matter."

Mr Chapman said: "Our life sentence started last August. His (Huntley) is only just beginning."

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