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  'I remember Holly as a really nice friend'
Updated 17 December 2003, 15.10
Holly Wells' friend Charlene Moden
Charlene Moden, 10 was a friend of Holly Wells. They were both learning to be Majorettes for the Soham carnival.

In her own words, Charlene tells us how they became friends, what Holly was like and how she felt about her:

"We were doing the majorette marching display and Holly won the queen carnival. When we were displaying, Holly was watching and she thought 'I really like that' and so she joined.

She was a really nice friend and she caught up really quickly.


We were very close 'cos when we were majorettes we used to talk about David Beckham and football, and the teachers and friends at school... all tom-boyish, girly stuff.

She liked being a majorette... doing all the dances, using all the stuff, going to displays, having days out.


I thought she may have got lost in some place or other and couldn't find her way back.

As soon as my mum came home we started on the search party.

Some of the majorettes went as well, and some of them joined up with me and my family.

I was thinking, please let us find her 'cos she's a really good friend. And a really good daughter for some people - and a granddaughter.

I was very upset

I thought that whoever did that didn't care at all and didn't have children of their own and didn't know how it was for the parents and friends to be coping at that time.

For the first couple of weeks at majorettes a lot of the girls were tearful, they used to cry in the breaks and they used to sit out for a couple for dances after the breaks 'cos they were so upset.

It's had a big affect on me 'cos when Holly and Jessica went off they were 10. I'm 10 now. I'm now quite scared when going for a bike ride with my sister.

Thinking of her

I remember her as a really nice friend - friendly, kind and caring like that.

I'm thinking of her and the times that we used to laugh and joke about.

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