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  Full interview: Atomic Kitten
Updated 30 October 2003, 16.20
Liz and Jenny Kitten have a giggle with Newsround
Atomic Kitten caught up with Newsround Showbiz's Rachel.

They gave all the goss on their third album, plus told Rachel what they thought the Ten Commandments of Pop should be.

Sounds weird? Read on.

As You Come To Me is the first single from your new album - nervous?
Jenny: It's all very nerve-wracking. The single's out now and the album's out on 10 November. The feedback's really good but you never know do you?

What's the song about?
Liz: If You Come To Me was written by Biff and Jools
Jenny: They're the team behind Dido and the Spice Girls - they're very cool writers.
Liz: They spoke to our [record company] managing director and said 'We think we've got a really good Kitten song here'. We then heard it and we thought 'Oh my God definitely!' When we recorded it we loved it and we said it's got to be our single. We wanted people to know that we weren't going to change our sound like a lot of people do. We wanted to keep with what everybody liked about Atomic Kitten.

Ladies Night is your third album - what can we expect from it?
Jenny: This album we co-wrote eight of the songs. I wrote three, Liz wrote three and Natasha wrote two. They're all quite different really. I normally write really up-tempo party tunes and they were all really sad and depressing.
Liz: But it's alright cos you don't write about yourself to you?
Jenny: Oh no, I just lie!

Your press release says you're continuing your "fun filled mission to re-write the pop bible". Is this true?
Liz: We didn't write that - [but] I'm cool with that! Re-write the pop bible? Why not? We'll have a go! But we didn't know there was a bible for pop.

If there was a pop bible, what would be your Ten Pop Commandments?

  • Thou shalt be nice to Atomic Kitten; Thou shalt only buy Atomic Kitten songs and albums;
  • Thou shalt give Atomic Kitten lots of free clothes;
  • Thou shalt give Atomic Kitten lots of free cars;
  • Thou shalt give Atomic Kitten a choice of boys through from Monday through to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday;
  • Thou shalt give Atomic Kitten free meals;
  • Thou shalt give Atomic Kitten free drinks;
  • Thou shalt give Atomic Kitten free flights so our families can come and see us wherever we are.

And one more?
Jenny: Thou shalt give Atomic Kitten free holidays in general!

Have you decided what your third album is going to be called?
Liz: It's called Ladies Night.

How did you choose the name?
Liz: Cool and the Gang asked us to do a collaboration with them for their duets album which has got Mary J Blige, Wyclef and people like that. They wanted us to do Ladies Night. We asked them if we could have it [for our album] and they said yes. So we called it after Ladies Night the song.

Will that song be released as a single then?
Jenny: Yes I think it will. But shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone yet!
Liz: It's a secret!

How's your clothing range going?
Liz: Fantastic! It's really weird when you see little kids in the street wearing it.

Do you get involved with the designs? Liz: Yeah we do - there's a young girl that designs for us and she comes up with all her drawings and we just say we like that or we wouldn't wear that because it is definitely based on what we would wear.

And you've also now signed a deal to bring out accessories and make-up at Christmas?
Jenny: It's a range we've [had] really big involvement with designing - like the whole make-up and the packaging. It's going to be available over Christmas.
It's the coolest stocking filler ever. Little mirror compacts in the shape of a kitten and eye shadow in little paw prints.

So what accessory could you not live without?
Liz: We like cuffs and things.
Jenny: We like bangles and earrings, lots of dangly things.

Are you looking forward to your first big arena tour?
Liz: We're so excited about it. We did have to move it - we were all gearing up for it. But that means we've got more time to plan it.

Jenny: I can tell you one thing - they'll be lots for the ladies and lots for the boys, don't worry it will be a show for everybody!

What about making your third album?
Jenny: I think there's more pressure on the third album. We're a little bit older and a little bit more mature and I think with that comes confidence in ourselves and as songwriters and performers.
We had seven months in the studio and just sat down solidly working. The end result is that we're prouder of this than any other album. We're chuffed to pieces with it. It was worth every day.
Liz: A little bit we like to say is our music is collective pop cos we do R'n'B pop, dance pop, lots of ballad and disco songs as well. With this we have become more confident, we've gone a bit further in every way.

What are you doing for Christmas?
Liz: We're going to be taking a holiday, a very well earned holiday.
Jenny: But we're going to be releasing a single just before Christmas. But we're not going to be in the competition for the Christmas number one.

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