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  Kids not following tattoo fashion
Updated 21 October 2003, 15.14
Robbie shows off his tattoos
Celebs like Becks and Robbie have spent a packet on tattoos. They might be doing it to follow fashion, but their young fans aren't so easily swayed.

A Newsround survey has revealed that only 10% of 10 to 15-year-olds would be more likely to get a tattoo or body piercing if their fave celeb got one.

At the moment, you have to be 18 to get a proper tattoo and 51% of you say that this law should stay as it is.

Five out of 10 kids said that temporary tattoos were better than real ones.

Becks is a tattoo fan

But loads of you know people with body art - with one in four kids saying their mum, dad, brother or sister has a tattoo.

Around a third of you say you might get a tattoo or piercing in the future.

Boys and girls have similar opinions about tattoos, but there's a split when it comes to piercings.

Girls seem to like them more.

Fact File
More on piercings
22% of girls said they'd love to get a piercing
6% of boys said they'd love to get a piercing
18% of girls said they'd never get a piercing
45% of boys said they'd never get a piercing

Just 4% of boys agreed that most piercings look really good, compared to 18% of girls.

A total 17% of boys said they'd be put off their idols if they got piercings, compared to just 6% of girls.


But no matter what you think about getting body art, it looks like it's here to stay.

Around half of you agreed that its popularity will stay the same or get bigger in years to come.

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