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  Tony Blair defends reasons for war in Iraq
Updated 08 July 2003, 16.26
Tony Blair had to answer to other MPs
Prime Minister Tony Blair has been telling an important group of MPs he still thinks the UK was right to go to war with Iraq.

He was grilled by a "super-committee" of top politicians.

Before the war started, Mr Blair said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and could use them very quickly. So he thought they - as well as Saddam Hussein's government - had to be removed.

But since the war ended, no weapons have been found and no information suggesting Iraq was able to use them has been discovered.

The MPs have begun asking whether the reason the UK joined the US in the war was because of weapons of mass destruction at all.

Mr Blair told the group of MPs he is still convinced the weapons would be found in Iraq.


Tony Blair had to face questions from other MPs
Tony Blair had to face questions from other MPs
He was told the weapons were there in two reports written by some of the UK's top spies and secret agents.

But a row has started over one of the reports.

Bits of it were apparently written 12 years ago by a US university student. Some people aren't happy about that because they think the info was dodgy.

That's made them question other things in the report. But Mr Blair says all the other bits are true and that using UK soldiers in Iraq was okay.

Some soldiers from the UK and the US are still in Iraq trying to make the country safer, but it's still dangerous for them to be there.

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