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  Braille Q & A
Updated 03 July 2003, 17.14

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is now available in Braille.

Find out about the system used by blind people to read and write.

What is Braille?
Braille is a system of raised dots which enables a blind person to read

How do they read it?
They use their sense of touch to feel the shape of the dots, which tells them what the words are

Who invented Braille?
It was invented by Frenchman Louis Braille (born 1806). He was blinded in a childhood accident with one of his father's tools

What did he do?
Louis went to school in Paris, and later became a teacher

How does Braille work?
It is based on six dots, like the design on a domino. It consists of 63 symbols, made up of all the possible variations of these dots

Are there different types of Braille?
There are two grades of Braille. Grade 1 is a letter-by-letter system; Grade 2 is a shorthand version of Grade 1, where symbols represent a group of letters

Can people read bestsellers in Braille?
Around 5% of top books are translated into Braille

What languages is Braille available in?
It can be used for most of the world's languages

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