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  Sats exams to become less important
Updated 20 May 2003, 18.34
The government are changing Sats exams
School tests for seven and 11 year olds are going to change, because people are worried doing Sats stresses you out.

For seven year olds, the school will work out your final mark based on your work over a whole school year.

You'll still have to do the Sats, but they won't be so important in deciding how much you know.

Charles Clarke is the government minister for education
Charles Clarke is the government minister for education
For 11 year olds, at the moment the government decides how much you should know, but in the future your school will make that decision on maths and English.

For a while now teachers and parents have been complaining that the Sats aren't right for kids, but the government say that's not why they're changing things.

The teachers say that the tests put pupils under too much pressure, and add that they can judge how much you're all learning just as well as a test result can.

The man in charge of schools for the government, Charles Clarke, says the tests are important because they show how well you're doing at school.

Here's what you said:

"Sats aren't that big a deal anyway, so what's all the stress about? I could understand if it was your year nine Sats but it's not. I'm in secondary school and have just had my year seven exams but nobody has said anything about that! I also think that the Sats you have when your seven are completely pointless!!"
May, 12, London

"Sats are really easy, so what's all the fuss about. Why don't they just carry on with what they're like now."
Rachel, 10, High Wycombe

"I believe that the government is not really caring about children's education and they care more about money. My school says that I am two years behind the rest of my class and I was looking foward to my Sats. to prove to them that they are wrong. It is not nice to told that I am two years behind."
Violet, 9, London

"I'm actually not too bothered about the Sats because I did quite well and knew what they were for. However, I'm quite nervous about GCSE's as they determine what sort of college, job and future you're destined for! Scary!"
Kelly, 12, Halifax

"I have finished Sats now and am starting GCSE soon and it's not fair that they change it now and everyone else doesn't go through stress we went through."
Charlotte, 14, Warrington

"There should only be one of the Sats at the end of year six so the high school you go to knows where you should be in the sets, but 7-year-olds are too young to do an exam, and in year 9 you have your GCSE exams less than two years away, so there's no point."
Gemma, 14, Chelmsford

"Won't the fact that the Sats are for a whole year put even more pressure onto the students?! Sats don't prove anything anyway! A good teacher should be able to access a pupils ability, so why do it with Sats, and pressurise a SEVEN year old child into doing something, just to show how good the school is?"
Katie, 14, Redhill

"I think this is a really good idea because when I took my year six Sats, I lost hours of sleep worrying about the consequences if I didn't do well, and I didn't. Now with my year nine Sats coming up in a matter of months, this new scheme should ensure that my nerves, that will no doubt affect my grade, don't need to be brilliant because teachers can look over work that I've done over the year to assess me as well."
Jennie, 13, Yeovil

"I think the changes are good but only they should have done it sooner because I've just done them and our teachers were pressurising us a lot."
Cordelia, 11, Beckenham

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