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  Kids devastated by OOTP death
Updated 24 June 2003, 07.33
Children all over the world have read the book already
Don't worry, we're NOT going to spoil it for you.

But kids all over the world have been reduced to tears by finding out which key character dies in the fifth Harry Potter book.

We've all known for ages that JK Rowling had killed someone off, but now many of you have found out who it is - and you're not happy!

'Why? Why?'

"I was so sad when it happened I just burst into tears, because it was one of my favourite characters," Lucy, 14, from the US told Newsround's website.

Kids have been grabbing the books off the shelves
Emily, 14, from Australia, said: "I cried for half an hour - is that enough?"

And Kenichi, 14, from London, simply said: "NO! Not them! Anyone but them! Why? Why?"

Rose, 14, from Bath said she was horrified: "I'm all shaking and crying. My favourite character as well!"

Terrible baddie

Loads of you thought it was shocking, and despite lots of speculation about who it could be, many of you didn't suspect this person would be the one to go.

This little girl's engrossed already
And there were plenty of characters who annoyed you too.

Hundreds of you reckon Professor Umbridge, the new Defence of the Dark Arts teacher, is the most terrible baddie in book five.

You reckon she's one of the most annoying characters too - although newcomer Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang are strong contenders too.

There are some fun bits in the book too though. Loads of you thought Fred and George Weasley provided some much-needed humour, as did Ron and Harry sometimes.

And overall - most of you who've sent us your reviews gave OOTP between eight and nine out of 10.

Well done JK!

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