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  Q & A with eight-year-old climber Beccie
Updated 09 May 2003, 17.22
Beccie on one of her adventures
Eight-year-old Beccie Shedden is planning to become the youngest person to scale Britain's three highest peaks in just 24 hours.

CBBC Newsround Online caught up with Beccie for a chat about how she got into climbing and why she enjoys it so much.

How do you feel about doing the three peaks challenge? A little bit scared because it's going to be really, really tiring.

We're going to get someone to drive us to each mountain, so we can have a sleep and get our energy back.

I've climbed all three mountains before - I did Scafell Pike when I was six, Snowdon twice when I was seven and Ben Nevis when I was eight.

Why do you enjoy climbing so much? I like to see all the views and you get to meet all sorts of people. I like the cameraderie.

When did you start climbing? When I was a baby, my dad would take me up in his rucksack. My dad is a good climbing partner. He helps me. Once we were on Snowdon and I slipped, but I was roped on to my dad and I didn't fall.


Whose idea was it to do the three peaks? My dad thought it might be a good idea and I did as well.

What do your friends think about what you are doing? They are really excited. For my birthday, I went to a climbing centre with some of them. One of them said she was scared of heights, but she got right to the top. She did really well.

Do you do any other sports? I like swimming, tae kwon do, kayaking, skiing and canoeing.

Your ambition is to climb the world's highest mountain, Everest. What do you think that would be like? I think it would be a big surprise!

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