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  Your exam stress tips
Updated 09 May 2003, 13.08
Exams can be stressful
With the dreaded exam time of year upon us we asked you for your top tips on staying cool during exam time.

Loads of you emailed us with your top tips. According to Amanda from Belfast you should eat lots of tuna the week before an exam can help your brain.

Orange juice

Fourteen-year-old Rachel, who emailed all the way from New York, says her teacher gets her class to do yoga on the day of a test to help them calm down.

Studying for exams
Chris from Chippenham emailed us to recommend getting an early night, eating a good breakfast and downing three glasses of orange juice before any exam.

Jade from Altrincham says it's all down to treats - for every subject you revise, you get to read a whole chapter of your favourite book as a reward.

Revise with mates

But Stu,14, from Southend reckons taking a lucky charm into your test could be your ticket to a good grade.

Meanwhile Gemma, 10 from Ipswich, reckons you should get your mates around and revise together - that way you can test each other and make sure you know your stuff.

At the end of the day it's about whatever works best for you - so good luck!

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