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  Our guide to avoiding Pottermania
Updated 18 June 2003, 09.56

Potter fans will have 21 June very firmly in their diaries for getting stuck into the latest instalment from JK Rowling.

But what about those of you who aren't fussed about what happens next at Hogwarts?

Well, here's some stuff you could do instead!

For a start it's the longest day of the year, so you've got loads of time to cram all sorts of stuff in! You could get all New Age and watch the Druid ceremonies at Stonehenge.

Toe Wrestling

We didn't know this sport even existed, but why not get down to the World Toe Wrestling Championship in Wetton, Staffordshire?

If that hasn't made you lose your appetite, this will!

Give us an invite, Wills!

Forget crisps and sweets - some people like eating nettles.

They're proving it at the World Nettle Eating Championships in Marshwood, Dorset.

Ouch!! Think I'd rather read OOTP!

If you've got friends in high places, you might be able to wangle yourself an invite to Prince William's 21st birthday party on Saturday.

But if you're more into rapping than royals, you could catch the Eminem gig at the Milton Keynes Bowl - if your parents will let you!

There are plenty of things you can do without leaving the house.

Christina Aguilera - eek!

You could follow Becks' fashion and plait your hair. How about making a ballgown out of bin liners or going for the tin foil look (like Girls Aloud on their album cover)?

If you've got time on your hands, you could watch all five Star Wars films back-to-back.

If you get hungry, you could bake a cake - but add some fab food colours to the recipe. Anyone for a slice of blue banana cake?

If you're feeling daring you could dress up like Marilyn Manson - or Christina Aguilera - and scare the neighbours.

Fluff balls

If you're feeling really daring, go to a theme park - the queues will be shorter because loads of people will be out buying OOTP.

If gentler pursuits are your thing, you could learn the names of every member of Blazin' Squad, So Solid and S Club 8.

So now there's no excuse for avoiding Pottermania.

And remember, if you get really desperate, you could remove every fluff ball from your school jumper - or count the spots on a Dalmatian!

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