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  Lord of the Rings to be turned into a musical!
Updated 28 May 2003, 17.31
Legolas played by Orlando Bloom
They are books, they are blockbuster films and now The Lord of the Rings trilogy is to be the most expensive musical in London's West End.

Hobbits, wizards and Orcs will take to the stage in the musical which will cost a huge 8m and could open in 2005.

Fact File
LOTR: The musical
Will have a cast of 50
Will have a full orchestra and huge sets
Has been planned for the last 18 months
Casting starts next spring
Musical will coincide with 50th anniversary of trilogy

The makers of the show are planning to completely re-create Middle Earth for the stage - including Mordor and the Shire!

And they will be searching far and wide, through dale and valley, to find the perfect Frodo because they think he is the most important character.

Beats Chitty

They reckon it will be unlike any show seen before on a West End stage and will eventually be taken to stages all over the world.

London is famous for its big musicals, like Cats which recently ended after 21 years.

At the moment, the most expensive one showing there is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which cost 6.5m.

The first two books in Tolkien's trilogy have been massive. They are in the top 10 most successful films of all time.

The third, Return of the King, is due to be released worldwide on 17 December.

Hear story!Hear story!

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