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  Kids prefer time with parents over dosh
Updated 24 March 2003, 15.42
Family time
Most under-12s would rather spend more time with their parents than have them working long hours earning loads of cash to buy them stuff.

A huge 77% said it's better to earn less and spend more time with family, says a survey of 1,000 kids done by BBC Seven's Big Toe radio show.

But when asked how they felt specifically about their own dads, 54% said they'd rather he earn more money than be at home.

Fact File
What the kids say
70% say mums should stay at home with kids
45% say dads should stay at home with kids
86% say dads should get two weeks off for a new baby
89% say parents should be able to spend less time at work
77% says it's better earn less and see parents more

It sounds confusing, but it means even though they think their dads should be out earning money, they don't want that to mean they don't get to spend time with them.

Nearly a third said they wanted dads to help more with homework and chat with them about their day.

Dads at home

The results also show if your dad is hard at work all day, only half of kids get to talk to him for a few minutes a day.

That's if you manage to squeeze in a chat at all!

And it's not good news for mums. Boys don't think mums are cool.

Only 42% said they didn't mind their mums picking them up from school - the rest would rather be picked up by dad.

Hear story!Hear story!

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