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  Iraqi girls in UK think Saddam should go
Updated 13 February 2003, 18.34
The four girls looking through a shop window in London
Iraqi girls living in the UK think that although there shouldn't be a war, Saddam Hussein needs to be removed.

Whalla, Sara, Maram and Sarah are among the 1.5 million Iraqi's living in London, they spoke to CBBC Newsround about Saddam Hussein and the possible war.

'Saddam is evil'

Sara said: "I don't think we should go to war because innocent people will die.

"Saddam has no feelings for other people, he'll do whatever he wants to get what he wants - he's a very evil man, I don't think anyone should trust him."

'No war'

Sarah added: "I don't agree with the war but I agree with the cause of the war - the removal of Saddam, but I don't think there should be a war because Saddam doesn't care about anyone and he would bomb any place"


Walla said: "I think Britain and America should get involved but not to have a war just to try and talk to Saddam and tell him that he has to come out and if the whole UN are with then I think they can order him to come out.

'Don't know anything'

Some of them have family in Iraq and are concerned because it's hard for them to find out what's happening to them.

Maram said: "I've got family over in Iraq and I don't know what's going to happen to them, I don't know anything"

'They'd be killed'

"The phone lines are always monitored so you can't ask any questions." Sarah added.

Sara said: "If my family do try to go back to Iraq, because they are anti Saddam, they will probably be killed."

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