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  You say Potter book 5 is NOT too long
Updated 19 January 2003, 15.53

You say Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix is NOT too long and you'd read whatever JK Rowling writes!

That's the overwhelming result of CBBC Newsround's vote which asked you if you thought the fifth Harry Potter book was just too huge.

Although it's going to be around 768 pages long, a whopping 91.7% of you said that's fine with you.

Only a tiny 8.3% of you who've voted so far reckoned that many pages was just going too far.

How long to read?

Children reading Harry Potter books
So we asked you how long it would take you to read the long-awaited epic.

An optimistic 27% of you reckon you'll polish it all off in one day; a few more think it might take a weekend of hard reading or even a week.

And 6% of you say you'll take more than a month to get through it - don't forget to sleep in between!

Maybe you're stretching it out so it doesn't end because you've said you're looking forward to OOTP more than the final Lord of the Rings film.

Getting it

People queuing
Just over 62% of the 11,000 of you who voted said you're more excited about the book than Return of the King, out later this year.

So now it's just a case of getting hold of that precious copy.

And about 43% of you are prepared to join the queues on the 21 June, the day OOTP's released.

Just over a third of you think that's just daft and are busy ordering your copy online.

But waiting till the crowds have gone is what a fifth of you are planning to do, even if it means you get it a bit later.

Thanks to the thousands of you who've told us what you think and keep voting by clicking top right!

Hear storyHear story

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