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  Fans rush to join Potter extras school
Updated 20 January 2003, 14.16
The Potter extras
So you're desperate to be in the Potter movies. But how far would you go for the chance to be in the background?

Would you go so far as changing schools?

The famous corridors
The famous corridors
That's what more and more kids are doing in Gloucester.

The King's School is next door to the famous Gloucester Cathedral, whose cloisters have been used for Hogwarts corridors in both movies.

And when extra actors were not available to fill up the scenes during shooting of the Chamber of Secrets, pupils from the school were drafted in instead.

CBBC Newsround has discovered that it's meant that school has seen the number of applications grow by a record level in the past year.

Jealous mates

Even though most of the extras only saw themselves for a few seconds, but that was enough to make mates jealous!

Charlie and his quiff
Charlie and his quiff

Charlie, 15, was very chuffed with his part in the film: "I saw myself for a few seconds - I just saw my quiff and that was good enough for me.

"My friends are quite jealous that I saw my hair on the big screen!"

Jessica, 14, also an extra, adds: "All my friends were quite jealous I had been chosen. They would all love to come to this school because they would have the chance to be in the next HP film."

But be warned!

Being a pupil at the school doesn't mean you'll automatically get a part.

The film-makers only choose a few kids and there's no guarantee they'll go back there for extras in any of the future films.

Harry in the corridors
Harry in the corridors

Carol Smith from the school told the CBBC Newsround website: "We've had a steady increase in pupils over the last five years, but Potter has certainly helped."

"A lot of parents ask about the filming and lots our pupils are asked if they've been in the movies."

But the school insists it's also to do with the "rounded education" pupils get there.

Let's hope they don't get carried away and start potions classes!

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