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  So Solid are 'idiots' for glorifying guns
Updated 06 January 2003, 16.41
So Solid Crew have been accused of making guns look glamorous
Garage stars like So Solid Crew have been called 'idiots' for making guns and violence look cool.

A government minister says the gun problem is growing among young people, partly thanks to rappers.

Gun laws are set to be changed
"Idiots like the So Solid Crew are glorifying gun culture and violence," said minister Kim Howells.

He said artists who carried guns in their videos were "particularly sick".

He had a go at So Solid because three of their rappers - including Asher-D - have either been found guilty, or accused, of carrying guns.

Hitting back

So Solid's Romeo
But So Solid's MC Romeo and MC Harvey hit back on BBC Radio One.

"Violence follows any type of music regardless - rap, jungle, garage, opera. Violence is everywhere man, it's about and it's happening. You get a lot of Mafia people going to opera events but no one talks about that do they?"

Ms Dynamite added: "What I think they do is express what they went through in their day-to-day life. Before they got into music, that was their life."

Other people in the music business have already hit out at the claims, saying they're "racist".

Two girls shot dead

Gun crimes have risen a lot in the last few years after two teenage girls were shot dead in Birmingham on New Year's Eve.

The government now plans to introduce a new jail sentence of at least five-years for anyone caught carrying a gun without a licence.

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