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  What you told us in the survey
Updated 27 November 2002, 14.24
Posed by actors
Here are some of the comments you made in the bullying survey.

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I was bullied because I was at a new school and no one liked me. I joined a gang, because you were safe with them and I was OK after that.

I bullied people because I had overcome what happened to me and I took the mick out of people who were not cool. I thought it was funny but when it got nasty I said sorry. But it was funny and it made me feel kinda better I know it sounds nasty but it was kind of pay back for what happened to me.

It was always verbal bullying, but it hurt. Each time they said anything it felt like they were cutting into me.

I do it just out of fun, because I know I am the stronger person and also just to act hard in front of my mates.

I was bullied verbally. It was really hard because the bully was in the teacher's good books. The adults didn't believe me.

I used to cry myself to sleep every night and used to wake up very tired. I REFUSED to go to school, but when my mum asked why I had no answer!
If you are suffering PLEASE TELL SOMEONE! I wish I had.

My rucksack was ripped off my back I was also verbally bullied. I didn't want to go to school when it was happening, I shouted at my mum and dad a lot.

I was bullied at primary school in year 7 and year 8. Sometimes I used to take it out on other people but now I am in year 9 I have been sticking up for myself.

I am to scared to tell anyone because I am afraid of what they will do to me. I have been bullied now for three years. My mum does not know, in fact you are the only people who know.

People said that I have been a bully in primary coz I was left out of things when I was in a playground, when the time came for me to stick up for myself, people called me a bully when really I was the one being bullied.

I don't know if it counts as bullying but sometimes I'm afraid to walk past people on my own in case they make some comment. It still goes on now but my new classmates are much nicer. I don't find people very supportive though because they are afraid the bully will start on them.

I knew I was bullying, even though I didn't want to think it was real bullying. I never physically harmed them but I took sides and soon realised how mean I could be.

I made a new set of friends but because I did not want to do drugs with them they suddenly turned against me with hate texts, e-mails, late night calls and verbal stuff said at school.

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