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  Girls get bullied more than boys
Updated 11 November 2002, 15.32
More research into girls' bullying has been called for
Girls get bullied more than boys do - and it can make their lives hell.

A third of girls have admitted to being too scared to go to school because of bullies.

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This is compared to a quarter of boys.

Spreading rumours

Girls bullying can be different to boys'
But girls being bullied sometimes doesn't get noticed by schools because they deal with it in a different way, research has shown.

Girls tend to keep quiet and skip school more, pretending to be ill, so the problem often doesn't come to light.

Experts always used to think that mainly boys bullied boys, but recent studies have shown girl-on-girl bullying is on the increase.

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And it's often not just physical bullying, but other methods like spreading rumours, writing notes and ignoring girls.

Why girls bully

Bullying affects loads of boys too
Bullying affects loads of boys too
Bullying can wreck girls' lives, as well as boys, and ruin their education because they skip so much school.

The Young Woman's Christian Association, which put together some of the research, has called for the Government to set up a special group to look into girls, bullying and kids bunking off school.

It also wants more research to be done into why girls bully each other in the first place.

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