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  Teen model set for the big time
Updated 02 August 2002, 12.38
Jamie Elizabeth is working as a teen model
Teenager Jamie Elizabeth is about to make a big name for herself as a model.

She spoke to Clare Youell.

Jamie Elizabeth is one lucky teenager.

She's just been entered for one of the biggest modelling competitions in the world.

If she wins, or gets in the final, it will almost certainly rocket her to fame and success.

'I can't wait'

Jamie Elizabeth in one of her portfolio shots
Past winners of the Elite Model Look competition include Gisele Bundchen and Cindy Crawford.

Jamie, 16, from Kent, will be up against around 50 other girls from all around the world to win the top prize for a young model.

Her agency, Premier, put Jamie forward because they see her as their most promising new face for the future.

"I'm so excited about it," Jamie said. "It's the biggest thing I've done so far. I can't wait."

'I never starve'

Jamie looked different when she was younger
Jamie first thought about modelling when she was stopped by a scout in Spain when she was just 14.

"It was flattering but I didn't think about it much because I thought I was too young," she said. "You don't really think you're model material when you're 14."

Jamie said she certainly hadn't thought about modelling a few years earlier, when she was much bigger than she is now.

"When I was 10 I weighed about 11 stone," she said. "I used to eat loads and loads of junk food. Then I got a stomach infection and the weight just dropped off. My second cousins came over from America and they didn't even recognise me at the airport."

But Jamie insists she hardly watches what she eats now that she's a model.

"I love my food, especially McDonald's and curry on a Friday night," she said. "I could never starve myself - I wouldn't even know how."


Jamie Elizabeth was spotted by a model scout when she was 14
Jamie's only been with Premier for eight months. She used to model a bit in the holidays, but now her GCSEs are over, she's doing lots of modelling work.

She's already done work for Chanel, Cosmo Girl, Levis and Tammy. For Tammy, her face was in the shop windows on massive billboards.

"When I first saw myself, I just thought 'Oh my God, is that really me?'" she laughed.

And she loves working with the make-up artists and asking them which famous people they've made up. One of the make-up artists she's worked with, has also worked with boy band Blue. "I feel really privileged to get my make-up done by these people," she said.


Model Gisele Bundchen is one of Jamie's idols
Now she's on holiday, Jamie can have up to five "castings" a day. She travels all over London just so model agents can look at her for a couple of minutes to see if she's got the "look" they're after.

Jamie's had castings for magazines like Sugar, pop videos and some top fashion names.

"I do get a bit nervous before castings, especially if it involves acting," she admitted. "I did one the other day when I had to dress as a cowgirl and lasso a man who was supposed to be the bull. I'm quite a shy person so I sometimes get nervous."

Despite her success, Jamie's not letting it go to her head. She's going to study four A-levels in the evenings from September, and will carry on modelling in the daytime.

"I want to carry on my education," she said. "I really love art and English. But I already know modelling is what I want to do. I just love it."

And the camera obviously loves her too!

Jamie is doing a model diary for CBBC Newsround Online, starting next week.

Click back here to read all her gossip from behind the scenes.

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