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  Children fight skate park misery
Updated 28 June 2002, 08.37

By Sharron Gibson
CBBC Newsround Online in Oxford

A council has taken the rather drastic action of dumping 30 tonnes of sand onto a skate park to stop kids from skating there.

The skate park in Aristotle Lane, Oxford, cost the council 32,000 to build and recently closed down after just six weeks because residents complained it was too noisy.

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Some kids were so desperate to skate they even tried digging the sand out.

But the council put even more sand onto it!


The street-style skate park is the only one like it in the south-east. Hundreds of kids had been using it at weekends.

The city council is meeting next week to discuss whether the park can re-open.

Local residents Tom Bourne and Bobby Dundas aren't at all happy about the closure
Local residents Tom Bourne and Bobby Dundas aren't at all happy about the closure
It's been suggested that sound-proofing the whole area may help.

"It makes a dreadful racket. I can hear it through my double-glazing," moaned one resident.

Not all the locals disagree with the closure, but some think the whole project has been a waste of money.

"It's a very expensive sand-pit!" said Bobby Dundas.

And Tom Bourne asked: "Why didn't they think about noise levels before? They must have known it was going to be noisy."

Back on the streets

Ian Budd from SS20, a skate-boarding shop in Oxford, says the council didn't think the skate park was going to be so popular.

So where do skate-boarding enthusiasts go now?

"Back to the streets," says Jason Baumont, who has been skating on Oxford's streets for 10 years.

"What other sport would have kids digging out a pitch because they are so desperate to skate?"

If the skate park is re-opened then the council will have a really tough task on their hands, as the tiniest amount of sand can ruin boards and blades!

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