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  Backstage gossip from the concert
Updated 04 June 2002, 09.29
Blue at the party at the palace
By Tim "Starspotter" Levell
CBBC Newsround Online

I think I touched everyone who's anyone in the world of pop tonight.

I managed to sneak my way onto the stage itself for most of the performance - and it made me realise just how many famous people were in one place at the same time.

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At one point, I was watching a performance on a monitor, and around me (also watching the TV) were Atomic Kitten, Emma Bunton, Sir Cliff Richard, Jim Corr, Brian May, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart.

Natasha Kitten looked happy

Will Young, Ozzy Osbourne and Emma Bunton
They were all really enjoying themselves. There was none of this "I'm more famous than you" stuff.

Instead, they were laughing, joking, and singing along to everyone else's songs.

Only Emma Bunton looked a bit out of sorts - but that's probably because she was pretty cold in her short black dress.

And Natasha Kitten was definitely happy: she couldn't stop hugging her boyfriend. She is definitely looking very pregnant!

Blue looked great

Jo S Club and Will Young at the party at the palace
So what did I find out?

Well, Ozzy Osbourne drank Red Bull before he came on stage.

Lenny Henry had to borrow my pen - so he could go off and get Shirley Bassey's autograph.

Blue - who looked great in their suits - hardly rehearsed their act at all.

But Phil Collins, who drummed for almost everybody, rehearsed for 10 hours on Saturday and was back again for more first thing Sunday morning!

Biggest cheer for Will

Atomic Kitten at the party at the palace
Zara Phillips (Princess Anne's daughter) must be an S Club fan because she boogied on down to Don't Stop Movin'.

Prince Charles doesn't know who Will Young is because Prince Wills had to tell him.

All the princes laughed loads at Lenny Henry's joke - especially the one about people in Nigeria thinking Prince Charles had gone black.

The least popular acts - at least as far as the crowd went - were Tony Bennett and the Corrs. That's when most people went to the loo.

Wills probably fancies Atomic Kitten. He loved their performance and made sure he chatted to then when he went up on stage.

And the biggest cheer of the day went to Will Young - who probably stole the show when he performed with Queen.

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