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  Punk Rockers vs Pop Idols
Updated 31 May 2002, 19.07

It's 25 years since the last Jubilee. How has life changed since the 1970s?

Pop Music

1977 - Sex Pistols - Punk rockers

Singer Johnny Rotten
Started: They were put together by Malcolm Mclaren - a fashion designer. He chose them because of how they looked. How they sounded was less important.
Sang: Anarchy in the UK
Liked: Spitting, swearing, drinking. Their fans wore safety pins through their noses and did a dance called the pogo.

2002 - Will Young - Pop Idol

Started: When he went to an audition held by a TV company. Will sang a series of cover versions. Over eight million viewers voted in the final programme.
Sang: Light my fire
Likes: From a wealthy background, Will is said to know Princes William and Harry. He studied politics at university.

Computer gaming

1978 - Space Invaders - arcade game

The original space invaders
Gameplay: You moved either left or right, dodging the laser fire from the aliens as they moved down the screen. All the time you had to fire at fuzzy aliens.
Graphics: Fuzzy aliens
Best bit: The sound of the aliens speeding up as they tried to land got pulses racing.
Worst bit: Getting good meant hours down the arcade spending all your pocket money.

2002 - Grand Theft Auto 3 - PS2 console

Gameplay: Walk, run or drive your way around a complete 3D city. Carry out jobs for all sorts of people and get paid for it.
Graphics: So good you think you're actually in Liberty City.
Best bit: Checking out all the different cars and talking to the people who live in the city.
Worst bit: Getting good means spending hours in your living room and losing all your non-gamer mates.

Football stars

1977 - Kevin Keegan

Kevin Keegan's perm
Famous for: Won European footballer of the year 1978 and 1979. Scored 23 goals as captain of England. Scored 100 goals for Liverpool. Transferred to Hamburg in Germany for 500,000 in 1977.
Haircut: His most famous cut was a really silly bubble perm, but that didn't arrive until the 1980s.
Lifestyle: Always smelled great, well of Brut aftershave anyway, which he advertised alongside boxer Henry Cooper. A snappy dresser, often seen in huge flares and even bigger collars.
Magic powers: For a little man, he was excellent in the air. Brilliant goal-scoring record.

2002 - David Beckham

Becks at Downing Street
Famous for: 50 England Caps. Celebrity lifestyle. The first man to appear on the cover of Marie Claire. Being sent off in the 1998 World Cup.
Haircut: Changes every week, but when David went to meet Tony Blair he had a mini-mohican. The Sex Pistols would approve.
Lifestyle: Lives at Beckingham Palace with Posh Spice. Wears a sarong (which looks like a skirt) that his wife chose.
Magic powers: Bending the ball and putting up with endless jokes about Victoria.

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