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  Tagged as a teenager
Updated 30 May 2002, 09.43
The 18-year-old, who doesn't want to be named is embarassed by the tag
By Kate Darlington
CBBC Newsround Online

Danny (not his real name) has been wearing a tag for the past two months after being found guilty of stealing three leather jackets.

He has one month left to go before he can remove the tag.

He told CBBC Newsround Online what it was like to wear the tag.

How does the tag work?
It's strapped to my leg permanently. I can't remove it. I have to be in my house every night form 9pm to 9am.

The tag fits around the ankle and is quite light to wear

There's a box that sends a signal to the tag at that time and if the signal doesn't get sent because I'm not at home, then someone will come and visit me within four hours to find out where I am.

What was it like when they first strapped it to your leg?
When I woke up the next morning it had scratched my leg, but after that I forgot about it.

It's quite light so you don't really notice it. It's just when I get undressed at night I remember it's there.

How about when you bath or shower?
It stays on. It's waterproof so you can have a bath and go swimming.

How about playing sport?
You can do that. I don't know what would happen if it took a hard knock from a football though!

What do your friends make of it?
When my best mate saw it he asked what they'd done to me. I think he was a bit shocked but you don't mind your mates knowing.

I prefer people to not know though, so I tend to cover it up. Better that, than they know you've been inside. It's not something to be proud about.

Are you looking forward to having it removed in a month's time?
Yes. I don't like people seeing it, particularly my family. My parents know what's happened but not all of my relatives do. The thing is, you're trying to change and sometimes people can make it harder for you if they start giving you or your family a bad name.

What do you think about the idea of releasing young offenders early if they agree to be tagged?
I think it's a good idea. It will help reduce the number of people in prison, but more importantly it will help them to deal with what they've done.

Being in prison doesn't help because you're not free to think for yourself and change. You simply obey orders. If you're outside you can explain your side of the story and there are people on the outside who can help you to get on with your life and forget about the past.

It depends on the type of person you are though, and whether you really want to change. But it's better to be on the outside than in with other criminals.

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