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  What's happening over the Jubilee weekend?
Updated 30 May 2002, 15.53
S Club will party at the Palace

The Jubilee weekend is 1-4 June. The Golden Jubilee events will be broadcast on giant screens in the parks of Central London and on TV and radio nationwide.

Saturday 1 June

  • 8.00pm
    Classical concert at Buckingham Palace. One of the star performers is the 12-year-old clarinetist Julian Bliss.

    Sunday 1 June

  • Jubilee church services throughout the country.

    Monday 3 June

  • Morning
    The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visit people in Windsor and Slough.

  • 11am to 7pm

    Jazz in Hyde Park
    The Hyde Park Commonwealth Concert. Five stages will be created in the Royal Park, each representing a continent within the Commonwealth.

    A whole host of world music artists will each take to their home stage to give a flavour of their country's music.

  • 1.00pm
    The Queen launches BBC Music Live to start street festivals in over 200 towns and cities throughout the UK.

  • 1:00-1:30 pm
    The whole country sings All You Need is Love by the Beatles.

    Wherever you are in the UK, in city centres, towns and villages. Even in your street, back garden or on your sofa, you can take part in the performance.

    All you have to do is watch BBC 1 or listen to your BBC local radio station.

    Kittens at the Palace

  • 7.30pm
    Pop concert starts. The acts include: Atomic Kitten, Emma Bunton, Blue, Mis-teeq, S Club and Will Young.

  • 10.40 - 11.00pm
    After the pop concert at the Palace, the Queen will light a beacon signalling the start of a spectacular firework display.

    The beacon in front of Buckingham Palace will start a chain of 1700 beacons stretching across the Commonwealth.

    Tuesday 4 June

    The Queen on the road

  • 10.40am
    A ceremonial procession by the Queen through the streets of London. She will travel in the famous Gold Coach to St Paul's Cathedral.

  • 11.30am
    Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral.

  • 1.15pm
    Lunch for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh given by the Lord Mayor of London.

  • 1.45 - 5.30pm

    Notting Hill Carnival parade
    Festival on the Mall begins with the Nottinghill Carnival parade. 1500 hundred musicians and dancers.

  • 2.30pm
    Children's parade featuring 1000 young actors.

  • 3pm
    Gospel choir of 5000 singers.

  • 3.45pm
    The Service Parade. Members of 36 uniformed organisations including the Army and the Brownies!

  • 4.15pm

    Snob from the Hell's Angels
    The 50 Years of Change Parade. This will be led by a Hell's Angel motorcyclist. There will be 50 motorbikes, one from each year of the Queen's reign. Floats will show how life has changed in Britain.

  • 5.40pm
    The Queen and members of the Royal Family appear on the palace balcony. There will be a fly past by the RAF.

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