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  'I'll stick to my pledges'
Updated 30 April 2002, 19.26
Adam Gallagher
Middlesbrough's new mini mayor, Adam Gallagher talks about what he hopes to do now he's got the power.

How did you feel when you found out you'd won?
I was very pleased. I wanted to thank all my friends and family who've worked alongside me with this campaign.

Were you surprised?
Yes I was. Myself and another candidate, Daniel Ayton, have crossed paths before and we're both good competitors so it was head on and could have gone either way. He came second and is now the deputy mayor.

How did you campaign?
I went out to talk to young people to find out what they wanted. I also talked to adult mayors at a roadshow. Some of those adults had good connections and told other people about what my aims were.

What do you want to do first?
My first aim is to give the young people of Middlesbrough a voice that's heard and respected. I'll do that by showing everyone that young people are not all the same and have individual qualities.

And what about the first project?
The first project I want to do is start up the non-alcoholic bar. It's been a surprisingly popular policy, people liked it a lot. I'll have to talk to young people about where they want it and then to the planning people to find out where we can put it.

Have you got an expense account?
Not at the moment. But my mum doesn't drive so I believe it's only fair to get some money for transport and the phone bill. I'm not sure what they'll say there's only one way to find out and that's to ask.

How are you going to fit it in around your school work?
My school work will come first but the school's been very helpful with it and some teachers have offered extra lessons.

Are you going to stick to your election pledges?
I'm going to stick to my pledges and I also want to go wider than that by asking people what they actually want. I'll do that by getting in touch with them through youth clubs and asking them outright.

Do you want a future in politics?
Not exactly, but I'd like a future with running Middlesbrough. Central politics is about siding with one party and I want to side with Middlesbrough.

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