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  Find out about the mini mayor candidates
Updated 19 April 2002, 14.51

Below is a list of all the candidates for Middlesbrough's first mini mayor election.

Find out what they want to change if they become mini mayor and then vote on who you think should be elected.

If Adam Gallagher, 15, was mini mayor he would:

  • Improve the terrible sports facilities in Middlesbrough.

  • Produce a regular newsletter for the youth of the town.

  • Open a non-alcoholic pub with cheap drinks to help keep kids off the streets.

If Shaun Crinnion, 16, was mini mayor he would:

  • Make young people more active to stop the boredom that leads to crime.

  • Use derelict areas of the town for several different events including paintballing.

  • Try and make grown-ups listen to young people's ideas.

If Samantha Evans, 15, was mini mayor she would:

  • Give young people somewhere to knock around and have fun.

  • Use the money to raise even more money to build a young people's activity centre with a nightclub room.

  • Have a people's cabinet - a group of young people who could meet once a month to talk about things in the town.

If Qamar Hanif, 14, was mini mayor he would:

  • Set up local projects to tackle the problem of juvenile crime.

  • Put a suggestion box in every school for ideas on how to make Middlesbrough better.

  • Build skate boarding facilities in the town.

If Josh Riley, 13, was mini mayor he would:

  • Have a football area where youngsters can play football without bothering residents.

  • Campaign to save the forest around Middlesbrough which is being destroyed to make paper and other wood goods.

  • Help young people climb to their highest scale point on fun so they are smiling all the time.

If Jamie Prior, 13, was mini mayor he would

  • Listen to anything that young people in Middlesbrough have to say.

  • Redevelop parks around the town and make options for physically and mentally disabled children.

  • Make things like graffiti walls and a skateboard park with a shelter for kids to hang out in.

If Daniel Ayton, 15, was mini mayor, he would:

  • Work on the sexual health programme so that young people are taught about sex at the right age.

  • Promote current hotlines and other forms of youth guidance.

  • Get new after-school activities going.

If Clare Higgins, 14, was mini mayor she would:

  • Get the Mayor of Middlesbrough and the council to listen to young people's opinions.

  • Put suggestion boxes in all secondary schools to get ideas on how to improve the town.

  • Modernise youth clubs by adding computers and access to the internet for school work or games.

If Adwoa Debrah, 15, was mini mayor she would:

  • Open an internet cafe designed by and run for young people.

  • Run themed nights where kids can listen to different music with friends and meet different people.

  • Upgrade already running youth services to make them better.

If Alison Stacey-Chapman, 12, was mini mayor she would:

  • Try and stop young people from hanging around on the streets by making more youth clubs and non-alcoholic pubs.

  • Ask young people of Middlesbrough what they think needs to be done to make the town better.

  • Make more centres where young people can talk to other young people about their problems.

If Ummar Hanif, 15, was mini mayor he would:

  • Be the voice of those who have not been heard and hopefully make a difference.

  • Create areas where people can feel safe skateboarding, playing football, or just sitting and chatting.

  • Create opportunities for teenagers in Middlesbrough.

  Click hers to vote for who you think should win!

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