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  Children say final farewell to Queen Mum
Updated 09 April 2002, 17.22
Crowds gather outside Westminster Abbey to watch the procession
By Kate Darlington
at Westminster for CBBC Newsround Online

As the hands on Big Ben drew closer to 11.30am the crowds around Westminster Abbey fell silent.

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Some children carried bouquets; others sat on their parents' shoulders.

Many families had been waiting quietly at the barriers for more than an hour, hoping to get a view of the procession and marching bands.

Peter, 11, from Orpington, climbed a lamppost to watch the ceremony.

Peter,11, from Orpington got a better view by climbing a lampost

He said: "I wanted to see the Queen Mother's carriage go past to see how it looks. I especially want to see the Kohi-Noor diamond in the crown and the coffin".

The funeral

The funeral service lasted just under an hour.

It included a special poem chosen by the Queen Mother for the day, and some of her favourite hymns.

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The whole service was played out on speakers to the crowds outside.

Many thousands of people gathered in Whitehall close to Number 10 Downing Street.

Adannae, 11, from London wanted to pay her respects

Adannae, 11, from London was one of them. She said: "Schools should have got the day off because it's a special day for the Queen too, so they should get a day off to at least pay a little bit of respect to her."

A final farewell

After the service the Queen Mother's coffin was placed in a special car for her final journey to Windsor.

The car drove slowly past her home on the Mall and Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles sat quietly in the car immediately behind the vehicle carrying the coffin.

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As the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh rode by, a ripple of applause broke out from within the crowd.

Princes William and Harry rode in a car behind the Queen.

A lovely lady

Many children crowded against the barriers to say a final farewell to the Queen Mother as her car passed by.

Leah, 13, had come all the way from Shropshire

Leah, 13, from Market Drayton in Shropshire, like so many others had come to London to pay her respects.

She said:"I thought she was really nice and she had a good sense of humour - when you see clips on the telly, she seems really nice".

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