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  Princes: 'Queen Mother pretended to be Ali G'
Updated 07 April 2002, 11.01
Prince and William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken about the Queen Mother's sense of humour - and how she used to pretend to be Ali G!

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They said she saw the controversial comic on TV a few years ago, and after learning from the Princes how to do the voice and actions, revealed her new trick to the rest of the family.

Fact File
Queen Mother's funeral
The public can see the lying-in-state until 1800 BST on Monday
Up to 70,000 people had visited by Sunday morning
Tuesday's funeral will be attended by 2,100 guests
The coffin will move to Westminster Abbey at 1118 BST for a service
One day after lunch the Queen Mother stood up at the end of the table, clicked her fingers the way Ali G does, and said to the Queen: "Darling, lunch was marvellous - respec."

They went on to say that their grandmother "had a young sense of humour" and "loved a good laugh, even if the joke was about her."

Enjoyed a good giggle

William also said she sometimes found the more serious side of being a member of the royal family funny, saying: "Anything that was meant to be formal and went wrong, she enjoyed. She would have a good giggle."

Prince William shows his Ali G style
Prince William shows his Ali G style
And William added that she even tried to invite herself to some of his parties at university, but he didn't invite her because he said if he did invite her, she'd dance him under the table.

Thousands of people are still queuing to pay their respects to the Queen Mother, as she lies in state at Westminster Hall in London, ahead of her funeral on Tuesday.

Hear storyHear story
Watch her life in videoWatch her life in video

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