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  The Queen Mother: her life
Updated 30 March 2002, 20.10
The Queen Mother
CBBC Newsround Online looks back at the highlights of the life of the Queen Mother.

A young girl

The Queen Mother was born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on 4 August 1900.

Her wealthy family were Scottish and she was the ninth of 10 children, so she had a huge family.

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The Queen Mother as a child
She first met Prince Albert, her future husband, at a children's party when she was just five, and he was 10.

A teenager

The Queen Mother was 14 when World War I broke out, and her eldest brother was killed in action.

Her family home, Glamis Castle, was turned into a home for injured soldiers and the Queen Mother helped run it.

After the war she met Prince Albert again, who quickly fell in love with her. They were quite different - he was very shy and she was lively and outgoing.

A Royal wedding

The Queen Mother married her Prince on 26 April 1923.

The young couple became the Duke and Duchess of York, and the Queen Mother made her first public appearance on the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace, in front of thousands of cheering fans.

Two children

The Queen Mother and Prince Albert had their first daughter, Elizabeth (who's now our Queen), in 1926. Then Princess Margaret was born four years later.

A royal scandal

The Queen Mother and George VI are crowed in 1937
The king, George V, died in 1936. This meant Albert's elder brother, Edward, should have become king.

But he was in love with a divorced American woman, Mrs Simpson, who everyone said shouldn't be queen of England.

So Edward gave up the throne.

This meant that in 1937 the Queen Mother and her husband became king and queen of Britain.

This meant the Queen Mother became queen and they were crowned in 1937.

World War II

The Queen Mother during World War II
The Queen Mother probably became most popular because of what she did during the war.

She refused to leave London, even though it was bombed all the time.

She also visited dangerous and burnt-out places.

It showed people that the King and Queen were brave, and inspired the nation to keep fighting.

A sad loss

Sadly, the king died of cancer in 1952. Her eldest daughter, Elizabeth II, became Queen, as she still is today.

The Queen Mother took on lots of duties and developed hobbies like horse racing.

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The Queen Mother was upset when her two grandsons, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, both got divorced.

Then Princess Diana died, and some people turned against the Royal family.

100th birthday

The Queen Mother on her birthday
But the Queen Mother stayed very popular with her permanent smile and friendly wave.

When she celebrated her 100th birthday in 2000, thousands of people gathered at Buckingham Palace to wish her well.

Her health started to suffer, but she remained one of the most popular royals right up until her death.

She will always be thought of as the country's favourite grandmother.

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