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  Six month wait for hunting decision
Updated 21 March 2002, 15.58
Fox hunting
A decision on the future of fox hunting will not be made for at least another six months, says the government.

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This is because MPs in the House of Commons, and the House of Lords completely disagreed on hunting's future in a vote earlier this week.

But the RSPCA say there has been enough debate on hunting and waiting another six months is a waste of time.

Fact File
The votes
18 March: MPs in Commons vote 386 to 175 for a total ban
19 March: House of Lords vote 366 to 59 for the "middle way"

On Monday the majority of MPs voted to ban hunting altogether.

But on Tuesday, the House of Lords voted for the "middle way", allowing hunting to continue but with tight restrictions making it less cruel.

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The government is still eager to find a compromise.

Anti-hunt protesters dressed up
Anti-hunt protesters dressed up

They might go for a deal allowing certain upland areas of the UK, like the Lake District, to carry on hunting while banning it in most other areas.

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Farmers in upland areas say other ways of killing foxes are crueller than hunting.

Whatever happens, it's certain that stag hunting and hare coursing will be banned totally.

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