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  More girls excluded from school
Updated 09 January 2002, 11.15

More girls are being excluded from school than we thought, says new research.

Official figures say the majority of exclusions are boys, but the study claims more girls are excluding themselves by not turning up to school if they are having problems, meaning the numbers are not added to statistics.

Different ways of coping

Fact File
Girls vs boys
Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation
When in trouble boys stick up for themselves
When in trouble girls cry or apologise
Girls care more about being friendly and nice
Boys care more about being cheeky and funny
Girls bully through gossip
Boys bully physically
Bullied girls stay unhappy for weeks
Bullied boys make friends again quickly

The report, by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, also found that girls cope with problems differently to boys.

Instead of facing difficulties like bullying they just stay away from school or become withdrawn. There are also differences in the way girls and boys bully, with girls using gossip instead of violence.

The researchers - who interviewed 81 girls in six areas of England - say most girls want more support from schools, their own spaces away from boys and more counsellors.

They also discovered white girls think teachers are stricter with black girls. Official statistics say black girls are four times more likely to be excluded, but the researchers found the white girls they talked to didn't realise this.

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