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  Takeaways 'loaded with fat'
Updated 09 October 2001, 13.31

Nipping down to your local takeaway for your favourite curry might seem yummy, but new research shows you could be loading yourself full of fat and sugar.

The magazine Health Which? looked at the nutritional content of typical meals from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian and Tex-Mex menus.

Sweet and sour pork

Fact File
Takeaway Trivia
The UK spends 1,430m a year on takeaways
Half of Brits eat out more than once a month
Chinese dishes are the most popular choice for UK takeaways
Thai food is the healthiest option

Chinese takeaways are the most popular in the UK, but some dishes are particularly unhealthy.

A portion of battered sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice contained a lardy 60g of fat and 44g of sugar.

The nation's favourite curry, chicken tikka masala with pilau rice, clocked up an impressive 47g of fat.


And a portion of lasagne contained around 45g of fat - that's more than a McDonald's Quarterpounder with cheese and small fries.

Sue Freeman, Managing Editor of Health Which?, said: "There's nothing wrong with eating out or having the odd takeaway.

"But if you're relying on this type of food, arm yourself with the nutritional savvy to know which dishes to go for.

"If you want to reduce your fat intake in particular, go for plain rice, stir-fried or steamed food."

Daily recommended calorie intake for kids aged 11-14

  • Boys - 2,200 calories

  • Girls 1,800 calories
  • The British Nutrition Foundation advises that children don't need to cut fat out of their diet unless specifically told to do so by their GP.

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