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  Tobey Maguire: Spider-Man speaks
Updated 16 July 2004, 12.51

He plays swinging Spider-Man in the summer's superhero smash hit, but Tobey took time out to chat to NR Showbiz about webs, suits and storylines.

You can catch a Spidey special on NR Showbiz on Saturday 17 July on the CBBC channel.

In Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker gets a bit of a tough time?

He does! You know he's got two jobs and is having money problems and can't hold onto his jobs.

He's going to college but he's not doing too well 'cos he's got his Spider-Man duties - that's affecting his whole life.

And he's also still desperately in love with Mary Jane but it isn't the right thing in his mind to be with her.

He's also having trouble with his best friend Harry and his aunt - who's kinda like his mother - he's really isolated.

He can't keep up with his life - I think he starts to desire just being a kid.

Spider-Man 2
Spidey is swinging to the UK on 15 July
He's thinking about quitting isn't he?

He doesn't really like the idea of putting down the mantle of responsibility of fighting crime but he's so lonely.

I think it's important for people to communicate with people they care about and care about them - and he's just lacking all of that!

And then there's Doc Ock! How evil is he?

Well, he's definitely sinister. But I think at heart he's a good guy. Which is something I really like. I don't really like movies as much when it's just good and bad.

I like having someone you care about. You care about Doc Ock. He starts out having good ambitions working on a science project to help human kind.

Some stuff goes wrong and he becomes a villain. He's deliciously evil to watch but at the same time he's got a good heart and Peter tries to reach him.

What are the down sides of wearing the Spider-Man costume?

In the film there are some jokes about it but it is NOT itchy! I like wearing it when I'm doing the scenes because it gives me the freedom to be Spider-Man - it's great! I get to be a kid and play Spider-Man.

Sitting around in it feels a little goofy! You're just sitting around in this Spider-Man costume!

Do you wear it at lunch?

You can't eat through the mask!

Can't you take the mask off?

Well, you gotta take the whole thing off. It's not like it looks - it's all one-piece. We have different versions when I have to take the hood off.

But they zip me in up back. I can't get out of it by myself. Sometimes the zippers break and they have to sew me into the suit!

There were lots of stories about you having a bad back when filming started.

My back was just irritating me prior to the film. I was a little concerned. I made everyone aware 'cos I thought it was my responsibility to tell everyone. Just to be on the safe side.

I worked with the stunt guys to make sure I was gonna be strong, and healthy and good to do it. I felt good about it and confident. We were fine during production.

Is it true your little brothers are in the film?

They are in the movie yeah.

How did that come about?

I know some people and I thought they were actually really good - they were there when me and the director were chatting about it and I said I'd love for them to be in it.

But I said I only wanted them to do it if they were gonna end up in the film - I didn't to disappoint them if they worked on it and then got cut out of the movie or something. But it was a blast, it was fun!

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