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  Eight legged freak - Doc Ock speaks!
Updated 16 July 2004, 13.00
Alfred Molina: Not so mean now he's h-armless!
Alfred Molina plays evil Dr Octopus in the new blockbuster Spider-man 2.

He got rid of all his extra arms and met up with Adam from NR Showbiz.

You can catch the full interview on NR Showbiz as part of our Spider-man 2 special on Saturday 17 July on the CBBC channel.

Dr Octopus is a pretty nasty bad guy - How evil is he?

He's above nine, definitely above nine - on a scale of 1 to 10!

How did they make the arms look so real?

It was some animation and computer graphics and sometimes the tentacles were strapped onto me - all the close ups all the tentacles were on me and manipulated by puppeteers.

Was it hard working with them?

I thought it was gonna be distracting but they were actors too and they gave the tentacles lots of personality!

I heard you were injured by them!

There's a shot when Mo (one of the puppeteers) had to come round me really fast and grab Tobey - I just happened to turn slightly and it caught me on the side of the face...Grr that Peter Parker - awwww!

If you had extra arms in real life what would you do with them?

I'd probably end up doing the housework if my wife saw me!

What's public reaction been like to you as Doc Dock?

One young kid bumped into me in the street and tried to walk round me and I realised he was trying to see the tentacles - that was very sweet.

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